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KnoGeo Accepted to the Hong Kong Proptech Accelerator

May 26, 2022

We are very excited to announce that KnoGeo has been accepted the Hong Kong Proptech Accelerator put on by the Canadian Technology Accelerator program! This is an amazing opportunity for us to connect with local real estate owners, brokerages, and service providers.

The program aims to connect Proptech companies with their first customers in the Asian markets…something that is particularly exciting for KnoGeo as our core IP, the ability to create floor-level visualizations of real estate data, is patented in China, Japan, and Singapore. We look forward to establishing our beachhead as part of this program and scaling our product and technology to an entirely new international market!

Hong Kong Central Business District in the KnoGeo App

About the Hong Kong Proptech Accelerator

Hong Kong (H.K.) has been crowned the ‘world’s most valuable real estate market’ for the past 11 years with no signs of stopping. Due to the high value of assets, developers and property managers are looking to protect and increase the value of their holdings, as well as heed to calls for more affordable housing. Developers and construction companies have been setting up ‘innovation arms’ to source technologies globally, keen to protect their assets from natural disasters, improve tenant experience, and lower costs for construction. This makes for an attractive opportunity for Canadian technology providers to the real estate sector. This Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program in Hong Kong aims to help Canadian property technology (PropTech) businesses navigate the market and connect with potential partners, buyers, and investors.

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