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One-Click Stacking Plans: The Latest Update to KnoGeo’s 3D Mapping Software

January 20, 2023

We are excited to announce the latest update to our 3D mapping software, which now includes a powerful new feature for creating stacking plans. With just one click, our users can now easily see detailed and accurate stacking plans based on their Excel data.

KnoGeo is designed to make the process of creating stacking plans as simple and efficient as possible. With this new feature, users can now import their Excel data directly into KnoGeo, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Once the data is imported, the software automatically generates a detailed, 2D representation of the building, including the location and size of each tenant space and any vacancies.

The new feature also allows users to customize their stacking plans with a variety of colors and labels, making it easy to identify specific tenants and spaces. Additionally, the software can automatically calculate the square footage of each tenant space, saving users time and effort.

This new feature is perfect for leasing agents, tenant reps, landlords, and building managers who need to quickly and easily create detailed, accurate stacking plans. It’s also a great tool for tenants, who can use the plans to determine whether a space is suitable for their business needs, and to plan the layout and design of the space.

Users can run a analysis based on their data to find buildings or floors that match their search criteria (such as Class A, downtown, 20,000 sqft available) and then explore the 3D map while always having a stacking plan on-hand for each building in the neighbourhood.

Our 3D mapping software also includes a variety of other powerful features, such as 3D visualization and building information modeling (BIM). These features, combined with the new one-click stacking plans, make our software one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly mapping & presentation solutions on the market.

We are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience, and we are constantly working to improve our software and add new features. We are confident that this new update will make the process of creating stacking plans faster, easier, and more efficient for our users.

Try our 3D mapping software today and experience the benefits of one-click stacking plans for yourself!

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