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How to Easily Visualize Market Data, Demographics, and Opportunity Zones

January 12, 2022

This addition compliments all the existing tools that users currently utilize, such as building, floor, transit, and POI data visualization. At KnoGeo, our goal is to help professionals create interactive stories that put real estate data into context to help clients make the right decision faster, and this data feature is the next step in developing a holistic digital picture of the market.

Our market data feature works with a huge variety of potential datasets, but here’s a snapshots of the more popular ones:

  • Demographics [including income levels, population growth, education, etc.]
  • Opportunity zones
  • Neighbourhood boundaries and data
  • New developments

KnoGeo allows these datasets to be both showcased and analyzed, so that you can narrow down the options to find the right location for a new build, buy, or lease.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown on how to use this new powerful storytelling feature:

  1. Open your KnoGeo App
  2. Select the “Macro Data” on the left-hand tool tab

  1. Next, click the add button on the tab:

  1. Click and drag your file onto the tab, give it a descriptive name, and then click “Add”

  1. You can now toggle the market data on and off and access filtering features through the left-hand tool tab

Now, this is just showcasing the data — you can also fine-tune the presentation and analyze your dataset using our powerful storytelling features, which include:

  • Customizing what data shows up when areas are clicked or hovered over
  • Change the colour of the markets in multiple ways, including colour field (if your file has colour information), random (shown), solid, and range analysis [ie highest income levels = green, lowest = red]
  • Analyzing data to find the right market for a client, for example creating a search criteria where the average income level is over $90k, 70%+ post-secondary education, and a population growing at 3%+ as shown below

  • You can also extrude the areas based on a data field, such as showing relative population growth between neighbourhoods as shown below

Combined with KnoGeo’s existing ability to present and find the right properties for clients, these new additions will help tell the whole story of the market so that people can feel empowered and assured in their decision making.

You know the data…show off that market intelligence in a way that clients understand and keeps them engaged!

Are you an existing user? Feel free to reach out to support for any questions or tutorials.

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