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Feature Release — KnoGeo 2.0

April 14, 2021

We’ve been busy these last couple of months rethinking our app from the ground up. With the release of KnoGeo 2.0, we have redesigned key components to be easier to use, added the features our users/prospects have requested the most, and built our best app yet. Read on for more details on how we continue to deliver the best way to present and understand real estate data.

Simplified Search & Reports

By popular request, we have broken out the most important use cases for KnoGeo into their own features! Office search, sales analysis, ownership maps, tenant maps, vacancy reports and more are now all included in KnoGeo as standalone features.

These features are completely customizable to fit your team and client base

These features are completely customizable to fit your team and client base

These additions improve the user experience and let new users pick up KnoGeo and feel like experts. We’ve built these features to feel like familiar real estate websites so teams from brokerage to marketing to research can feel comfortable and empowered in pulling up KnoGeo and delivering exactly what they need to win the deal.

Fly Functionality

Rather than highlighting a map and then clicking each building or listing, users can now easily fly from property to property. This will help cut down time on site visits and enable presentations that explore the market in intuitive 3D.

Data automatically loads for a floor or building as you ‘visit’ each property

Data automatically loads for a floor or building as you ‘visit’ each property

Enhanced Map Making Toolset

Sometimes, there are important things you want to bring attention to in a meeting or report that aren’t found in a database. A popular restaurant, an upcoming development, or a note for your client. We’ve added dynamic labels to KnoGeo so users can easily add icons and text to the map. These labels are dynamic so that they always face the right way in 3D, and will show up on both saved reports and shared maps.

3D labels

3D labels

Increased Insight for Analysis (Legend 2.0)

We’ve made updates to the Legend to give users a better look at the data that each search filter is returning. The Legend now displays how many buildings or floors fit each search while also automatically calculating the average and total for data types such as square feet available and price.

Increased Insight for Analysis (Legend 2.0) 1

Now, while searching for office space, you can quickly demonstrate your market expertise to your audience by telling them how many vacancies there are between 10,000 and 20,000 square feet, that the average availability is 14,525 square feet at an average price of $48 per sq. ft., and that there is a total of 500,000 square feet available on the market.


As part of our initiative to help users derive better insights from their data, we have built a brand new feature called HeatMaps. HeatMaps help users identify vacancy hotspots, compare target properties to the rest of the market, find outliers and show general trends that impact decision-making.

HeatMaps work with any data that is a number

HeatMaps work with any data that is a number

This type of analysis is usually thought of as complex and difficult, but with KnoGeo all you have to do is click a single button! In the example above, a user can quickly run an analysis of downtown Seattle to see what buildings have the highest mortgage interest rates (red), which buildings are in the middle (moving to yellow) and which buildings are actually in a pretty good position compared to the rest of the market (green).

Improved Data Visualization Experience

Improved Data Visualization Experience 1

We’ve made some considerable changes to our Data Visualization feature to help users move faster and create better reports. Admittedly, our old version was a little clunky, and we took that feedback to heart. The design and experience have been completely overhauled to make the feature itself more intuitive and we’ve added handy elements like copying and naming filter sets to make reporting even easier.

Travel Time Analysis

Travel Time Analysis 1

Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how close a building is to a park or how long the commute will be for a CEO by looking at a map. With our new Travel Time feature, you can easily see walk, bike, and drive times around a property in seconds.

Answer questions like:

“Where can I walk for lunch on a quick break?”

“How long of a commute would it be for me and my CFO?”

“Can I bike to work and the gym from the office within 20 minutes?”

You can also show all travel times in 15-minute increments to help with showing industrial spaces and impress those companies who really care about logistics.

New Data Layers

Parks, restaurants, museums and more are now available as add-ons to maps in KnoGeo. These layers can be toggled on and off and add more locations as you zoom in so users can highlight points of interest nearby.

New Data Layers 1

We’ve also added the ability to overlay datasets such as demographics so users can tell a holistic story about the market that goes beyond just property.

New Developments

New Developments 1

Submitted, proposed, and under-construction new developments are one of the hardest things to visualize and present in real estate. With our Development Pipeline feature, your whole team can track and showcase upcoming projects so you can tell the story of where the market is today and where it is going.

List Export

List Export 1

This feature allows you to export a list of highlighted buildings on the map to Excel to give you a reference for published materials such as research reports. Our intention here is to simplify deliverables by helping create the visual and the reference list, all in-app.


And that’s it for KnoGeo 2.0! Please feel free to reach out for a walkthrough or demo at

P.S. Do you have any requests for features or improvements? Please leave a comment below :)

-The KnoGeo Team