The most impactful way to visualize real estate listings

Add a 3D map-view to your website to demystify location online and deliver an intuitive 3D experience for your clients

Location, Location, Location

The old adage is more true than ever, however, in vertically dense urban markets, push pin maps break down and are ineffective at communicating both relative and absolute location. Using our patented technology, KnoGeo Hylyte dynamically displays available listings in a powerful 3D experience that provides engaging clarity and efficiency.

Benefits of KnoGeo’s Hylyte

Engaging Experience

3D search is more intuitive than 2D maps, and users are more engaged while exploring listings in 3D

Save Time On Showings

No more wasted time for your agents on showings that are not in the right place for clients

Communicate Location

“Southeast corner on the 12th floor” doesn’t mean much to most unless they can see it. We bring the experience of physically understanding a listing’s location online


A better online experience for finding the perfect home


Hylyte allows for easy integration of unit-level 3D visualizations of listings into your website. With just a listing ID, we create an immersive 3D experience that makes you feel like you’re right there viewing the property.

We pull in the REBNY feed directly, so getting 3D search installed on your website is as simple as installing our plug-in. 3D views for specific listings are easily incorporated via an extra tab on existing mapping providers such as Google, Bing, and Mapbox.


About KnoGeo

The Team Behind KnoGeo

Jesse Brown

Founder & CEO |

An honour’s finance graduate, Jesse’s work experience includes founding and growing two startups in the mobile and fintec spaces, as well as time spent in corporate finance for one of Western Canada’s largest private real estate companies and a global medical device distributor. Jesse is passionate about developing and implementing creative technology solutions to improve the real estate search experience for consumers and provide companies tools to analyze and present their data in a more intuitive way.

James Cuff

Founder & CTO |

James has worked in technology for the last 20 years, having spent time with Critical Mass, Shaw Cable, and Microsoft Canada. Over this time James has built software development and delivery teams at a national level and managed technical implementations for Fortune 500 companies. As a co-founder of KnoGeo, James lead the technical development of the systems KnoGeo uses for the 3D visualization of data and the resulting patent process.

Hylyte Beta

KnoGeo's Hylyte is currently in it's beta phase, to participate please contact us.