3D Maps and Data Presentation for Real Estate

Analyze, explore, and present the real estate market in 3D

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Showcase your Market Intelligence

We understand our world in 3D. The KnoGeo application turns static information into compelling visual stories that help people understand the real estate market and make the right decisions faster.

Location, location, location

Beat 2D Maps with interactive and intuitive market presentation that shows where data exists in the real world. Capture powerful imagery for reports, lead pitches and Zoom calls on an interactive 3D Map, and tell stories that hook your audience.

Enhance your Competitive Advantage

Data in the commercial real estate industry is a foundational competitive advantage. But when people see the same archaic PDF’s, PPT’s, and 2D maps from everyone else, it’s hard to differentiate. Demonstrate your tech-forward approach and unique expertise in a way people can see by bringing information to life with KnoGeo.


We do the heavy lifting: All KnoGeo products are designed with the real estate market in mind, and are incredibly easy to use while requiring no mapping or analytical expertise.

KnoGeo 3DMap

Create Real Estate Maps for Market Presentation
Best for small companies & marketing teamsPricing: $89 / market / monthNo data upload required:
  • Communicate location, location, location better than your competition
  • Create compelling visuals & interactive maps to support leasing and sale efforts
  • 3D models for reports and presentations
  • Overlay transit, new developments, and more with the click of a button
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KnoGeo 3DCRE

3DMap + Data Visualization [Enterprise]
Help people make the right decision faster with intuitive market intelligence presentationPricing: Please contact us for a quote (3DCRE subscriptions come with unlimited users, free training, free support, and unlimited data integrations):
  • Turn static databases and spreadsheets into intuitive insights
  • Increase team-wide accessibility to data
  • Up-to-date information is attached to 3D models of each building and floor in your database
  • Applications across marketing, research, capital markets and brokerage
  • Save time each day, month, and quarter with one-click reporting

We never scrape, aggregate, or resell data. All market intelligence uploaded to KnoGeo is only accessible by your team.

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Benefits of Using KnoGeo

Increase Win Rates

Pitches & presentations using KnoGeo close more deals

Stand Out from Competition

Impress clients with unique technology and market intelligence

Improved Reporting

Save days of work each month with fast and customizable reporting visuals

Improve Client Communication

Showing data visually dramatically increases understanding and impact

Impactful Marketing & Content

People process visuals 60,000x faster than text and remember 80% of what they see vs. 20% of what they read

Unique Insights

See trends only available when data is organized as it exists in the real world


Search & Filtering

Create any filter set to find the data you need, fast

Compelling Visuals

Capture powerful imagery for presentation and marketing

SAAS Application

Web-based application accessible anywhere with no install and automatic updates

Open Integration

The KnoGeo Platform can integrate with virtually any property dataset

Built-in Reporting

One-click reporting, saved filter sets, and instant external links


No matter how big or small your database, we scale with you

Complimentary Data Layers

Paint a holistic picture of the market with data layers such as new developments, transit access, and demographics

Customize your Map

Colours and basemaps are fully customizable so your story matches your client’s brand