3D/VR Market Flights of Real Estate Listings

Save time on showings and impress your clients with the most impactful way to market listings

Market Flights at Your Fingertips

KnoGeo Hylyte gives real estate brokers a tool to keep their clients hooked: Create 3D/VR Market Flights of listings to delight clients with interactive market tours they can experience in the comfort of their home.

• Show two listings across town from each other…seconds apart
• Point out exact unit location without visiting the building
• Do the impossible: explain neighbourhood feel through email
• Talk your clients through a visit to a property, without them ever having to leave their home
• Save your clients (and you) from having to book off a whole afternoon for showings
• Enjoy the benefits of clients with shorter lists

Location, Location, Location
Showcase all an area has to offer with personalized VR flights for your clients

Buying Agents
3D/VR Flights

Effortlessly create realistic flights through neighbourhoods for a set of listings

Listing Search

Find the listings that fit your client's preferences and add them to your Market Flight with the click of a button

Personalized Marketing

You are the director of the flight: Add notes to highlight what is most important to your clients

Bring Area 'Feel' Online

Automatically visualize points of interest, show where a unit is, and allow your clients to engage with a property like never before

Increase Efficiency

Save time on viewings by allowing your clients to explore online like they would in real life - in 3D

Listing Agents
Attract Interest

Market your listing better than ever before with external 3D/VR Flights

Increase Engagement

Create interactive marketing experiences in a matter of minutes

Communicate Location

Highlight points of interest, communicate location, and showcase all your listing has to offer

Save Time

Increase efficiency through more qualified leads

Why KnoGeo

The Hylyte platform combines engaging and interactive 3D/VR experiences with your expertise to create powerful marketing messaging unlike any other in the market. Whether you are working with a client to find their next home or sell their current one, Hylyte is the innovative platform to use to capture and present what matters most.

We are currently accepting interest in our Beta Launch for Manhattan. Sign-up today to be on the cutting-edge of agent-focused real estate technology